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What We Believe

At St. David’s, you’ll find a community that’s comfortable with a diversity of views on a number of topics.  We value honest questions, and we appreciate the opportunity that loving and considerate conversation gives us to deepen our faith in Christ.


As a community, we find common ground in our shared faith in a number of places:


At St. David’s, God is a creator.  The first thing we know about God is that God is a builder.  This affects how we see the world, and ourselves in relation to it.  It affects how we understand things like values and ethics.  It makes us aware of our own tendency to see ourselves as the centre of the universe, and it challenges us to work harder at appreciating the value of those things and people around us.  We also believe that God builds with a purpose: of establishing shalom (which means “where all things are at a perfect peace and health”).  We want to be part of that, and so we work to know more about who God is, and what God wants us to be.


At St. David’s, humans have a destiny.  We believe that we are meant to grow in the particular way of holiness (which means “being more like God”) through the course of our lives.  So, we dedicate ourselves to a relationship with God and we support each other’s growth in faith in a number of ways: prayer, worship, study, reading, art, music, service to others, and conversation.  We know that sometimes we make mistakes.  Sometimes we betray our destiny for our own ends, and act in ways that are selfish or damaging to others.  That’s why God’s promise to forgive those who repent (which means “turn around” or “come back”) is so important to us.  Every day, we keep growing into our hopeful destiny as children of God.


At St. David’s, Jesus is the key.  Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ or Messiah (meaning “one on whom God’s spirit rests fully”), is the focus for our faith and worship.  In Jesus, we see God and humanity joined fully.  Like all disciples, we look to Jesus as the teacher and model of what faith looks like, and we try to follow his example. We know Jesus as a saviour because in his self-sacrifice, Jesus is the place where God’s building meets our human frailty.  Jesus paves the way for us into a new life, where growth through forgiveness is always possible, and where even death is something that we will pass through.  We, like the first Christians, call Jesus “Lord,” and we worship him as God together with the Father and the Holy Spirit.


At St. David’s, “Church” means “living faith together.”  As a community, we find that we are more than we can be by ourselves.  That’s because we support each other in our worship, in our groups, in our programs, in our prayers, and in our relationships.  We learn from each other, and take encouragement in each other’s growth.  We harness this growth to reach out and serve those around us in creative and meaningful ways.  At St. David’s, “living our faith” means that, like God, we are committed to building shalom in our lives and in our world.