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What We Do

The Sanctuary at St. David's

The Sanctuary at St. David’s

At St. David’s, we believe in being active followers of Jesus, and that means that our faith isn’t just something we think, it’s a way of life that we live.  That happens in a number of ways:


First, we gather together to share worship with each other. Sunday worship services begin at 10:00 am, and involve worshipping God  in both traditional and more contemporary ways.  Worship at St. David’s is creative, inclusive, and varied — we generally share Eucharist (also called “Communion,” or “the Lord’s supper”), sometimes with choir and incense, sometimes with guitars and jeans, and sometimes somewhere in the middle.  On some days, we celebrate special feasts (or holidays) of the Church year; at other times, we hold prayer services led by members of our parish.


Second, we gather together to support each other, grow together as disciples of Jesus, and just plain have fun together.  Some of these groups meet regularly, and some form around a particular course or activity for a period of time.  We have groups for children, youth, and adults, but if you’d like more information on the breadth of what’s happening at St. David’s, why not start by checking out our Community Happenings Blog?


Third, we make opportunities to love and serve our neighbours.  At St. David’s, you’ll find a number of different ways to become involved in projects or activities that show the mercy and compassion of God to others.  From serving meals to the homeless in the inner city to creating bonding space for commuter families, members of St. David’s take seriously Jesus’ commandment to love others as He has loved us.  If you feel that sharing the love of God with others in practical ways appeals to you, why not check out our community happenings blog to see what’s happening?  Also, remember to keep an eye on our front page for upcoming events you may not have heard of.


Last, at St. David’s, we take the responsibility to keep up spiritual disciplines in our own lives and homes.  We know that in order to support each other and to serve our neighbours, we need to be in a healthy and vibrant relationship with God ourselves. Regular practices, like reading from the Bible, praying, and meditating can be very life-giving, deepening and enriching our faith.  Of course, in today’s world, with today’s rush and stress, it’s not always easy to keep up these disciplines as regularly as we’d like to.