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Notes From Your Sunday School

We are just beginning our Sunday School year. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is well rested. Our numbers remain steady which is encouraging.


Our teaching team remains the same: Vicky Andrews, Marilyn Cebuliak, Elaine Hancheruk, and Dorothy Mitchell. There is always room for more teachers so, if you are interested, please speak to one of us. The more the merrier!


Our teaching will be based on the Gospel readings for that particular Sunday as well as on the patriarchs in the Old Testament. We will also continue with our four Intergenerational Services per year. Our aim is for the children to be comfortable during the service and feel included.


Our “Welcome Back” Sunday is September 10. We will have a special surprise for the Sunday School as well as the Youth Group. It would be wonderful to have everyone there as well as on the following Sunday, September 17. This is our first Intergenerational Service and we will be asking the Sunday School and Youth Group to take part.


When you come down for coffee and you see the children involved in some activity, please don’t hesitate to ask them what they are doing. They love to share! We don’t mind your comments and questions so please keep them coming.


~ Sunday School Teachers