Feb 13 2016

SSJE Offers Web-Based Lenten Challenge: “Grow a Rule of Life”

The Society of St. John the Evangelist is an Anglican monastic order that serves the larger church by providing material designed to help Christians keep in touch with their faith in their daily lives.

Grow a Rule of LifeEvery Lent, the brothers facilitate a guided exploration of some aspect of faithful living.  Participants sign up (providing a valid email address) to receive daily emails throughout Lent.  These emails guide the participant through weekly reflection exercises with questions, short videos, and exercises.  The weekly topics build upon each other with the final week being devoted to thinking about how to incorporate the previous learning and reflection into one’s current life.

This year’s exercise, “Grow A Rule Of Life,” challenges the participant to examine what priorities and disciplines order and shape our lives, and offers the participant a chance to make a choice to live more intentionally as a follower of Jesus every day, in a way that makes sense for our lives here and now.

For more information, please see Rev. Cameron.  To sign up for the exercise, and to see the introductory video, visit the SSJE’s website at http://ssje.org/ssje/growrule/ or visit St. David’s website at http://www.st-davids.ca/resources/growing-a-rule-of-life/.  The exercise itself begins on Ash Wednesday (February 10), and continues to March 19.