StDavids4x6HDR1024x576Welcome to St. David’s Anglican Church!


We’re a community of Christians who live and worship in the Anglican tradition.  We gather in the King Edward Park neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta so that we can support each other in our various life journeys of faith.  We hope to grow in wisdom, courage, and compassion, and we try to serve and love everyone we meet in the name of Jesus, the Messiah.


We’re glad to welcome any who are interested in our way of life and hope you’ll find our site a helpful resource. May God bless you, and again, welcome to St. David’s.

Christmas Events

St. David’s has many special events planned for the Advent and Christmas season…    

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God On the Move

The Ark of the Covenant in ancient Israel was a box, made of acacia wood and covered with gold, that traditionally held the tablets of the ten commandments. It was constructed while the Hebrew people were in the wilderness, on the move from Egypt to the promised land, and then was carried with them into …

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